Experience Local

Throughout the pages of Explore Local, you’ll find need-to-know facts (like access points with public bathrooms) and want-to-know insider scoops (like a warning NOT to pass up the sampler platter at the seafood shack on the island!). The magazine aims to answer every question – okay, almost every question – visitors may have in order to get acquainted with their provisional home-away-from-home.

“Where’s the closest place to buy groceries?” We’ve got that covered.

“Is that shop walking distance from the beach?” Just check the map!

“Local pizza is a must. Where do we go?” Our Dining Guide tells all.

With profiles on various day-trip options and area attractions, reviews of restaurants that work their magic with fresh, local ingredients, and details on must-attend events, Explore Local will help even the least-prepared traveller map out a perfect itinerary.