Explore Local Magazine invites you to indulge like a tourist without missing the very best a destination has to offer – the “hidden gems” frequented by the locals. We map out what to eat, drink, see, and hear so that by the end of your visit, you’ve enjoyed the true taste of the town (and will no doubt have the photos to prove it).

Filling the pages with facts, maps, and eye-catching photography is nice, but what we’re most excited to offer are the Local Tips spread throughout each magazine. These are the real opinions of real residents – the true authority on how to enjoy the area so you leave with no regrets.



Explore Local isn’t simply an extended version of a tourism brochure. It’s a comprehensive guide that will leave readers with an understanding of a place’s history, significance, and specialties. After all, we believe there’s a difference between visiting a destination and truly exploring it from a local’s perspective. So take the road less travelled (by tourists, that is). Enjoy an insider’s guide to a getaway worth remembering.